Wedding guestbooks.  A tradition that is being completely transformed by today’s brides.  Why sign a book when you can sign puzzle pieces, rocks, and wall art?!  Continuing off the beaten path, I decided on a guest globe, for it’s uniqueness, it’s ability to be displayed afterwards, and my love of globes (I even considered antique globes as my centerpieces).  Add in my love of travel, and our Swiss Alps engagement, and this is something that made sense to me.  Plus, I had a free globe sitting around at work that no one was going to miss. Sold!

The supplies I used for this project were paint brushes, craftpaint, a gold sharpie, paper and pencil, and optionally, spray paint.  This was not a beautiful antique found at fleamarkets, this was a plastic globe found in classrooms twenty years ago.  It needed to be simplified of labels and topography, and classed up for elegance.  And all that could be done with paint.

Painted globe for wedding guestbook

I started this makeover by removing the globe from the base to spray paint the clear blue plastic a metallic gold (it would be the start of my DIY wedding mantra, “when in doubt, paint it gold”).  Once dry, I returned it to the base and went about painting the earth itself, using craftpaint.  Because I wanted a monotone look, I only used one color for the land, and the same color, mixed with white paint, for the water.  I recommend mixing plenty of paint initially, it will be very difficult to mix up the exact same color for touch ups later on (and paint can be kept between layers and touchups by putting the cup of paint into a plastic bag.

Once the paint was ready, we went to work, applying the paint to the globe with a paint brush.  At times it was tedious (I’m looking at you, Europe) and we did lose some detail (sorry, Hawaii), but after two coats of paint it still looked like a simplified model of planet earth.  With class.

I knew I wanted to put some words on this globe. I had a hard time deciding on the text (Home is wherever I’m with you, You mean the world to us, etc, etc).  Finally, I decided to keep it simple with “Adventure Awaits” and drew it up on a sheet of paper.  When I had it exactly as I wanted, I used the pencil trace method that I’ve also done on plates.  It’s the best way to transfer something to a surface and was crucial in this case, as I couldn’t erase on the globe.  While I hand-drew my text, I easily could have designed it digitally and used the same technique for the transfer.  Wedding guest book globepencil trace technique


On the back of my drawing I laid down some graphite, positioned and taped the sheet to the globe, and traced my drawing.  Pulling off the paper, I could clearly see my traced lined in pencil.  I considering painting them in with gold craft paint, but I decided to go with a gold sharpie instead, as it’s easier to control than a paint brush.


Afterwards, I did coat this with a clear matte acrylic spray paint, just to ensure all the paint stayed in place.  Add in chalkboard sign so that people knew what to do, and we had our guestbook.


Wedding guestbook globe