Now that my boy is 6 months old, he will soon be moving into his very own room! Which made me think, “hey, maybe I should finish the baby’s room”.  Yeah I’m not a mom who had the nursery done months in advance, but who is?!  (Every new mom I know on Facebook, apparently).  But I did know what the theme would be well before I was ever pregnant, and that would be WOODLAND.

I wanted to share some of the DIY decor I’ve finally gotten up on the walls. While the overall look may still be a little sparse, there are a few woodland pieces I genuinely love.

This woodland mobile really entertains the little one, and you can make one just like it! Check out my hand drawn templates and tutorials for the woodlands and the cute little creatures.

My momma was rocked in this chair and she made her first grandbaby a woodland theme appropriate and cozy quilt.  The branch curtains come from TJ Maxx, while the metal bear and arrow can be found at Hobby Lobby.

What is a woodland theme without actually bringing in some wood?! I finally completed my long planned “R” using cardboard and dead branches from our woodland yard.  Simply draw (use a ruler!) and cut out your letter with a box cutter or exacto-knife.  Cut dead branches to size (mine were mostly cut to 3.5″) and hot glue away!

You know I love my DIY chalkboard art! This Dr. Suess quote looks great in a salvaged and sanded frame.

More mountains can be found in this sweet shelf my Dad made with scrap wood, based on a picture I found online.  It was stained, sealed, and snowy tips were painted with chalk paint.

You may recognize a certain sleepy time owl in this DIY toybox.  This is simply a cardboard box covered in woodland theme appropriate fabric.  Cut fabric to size and glue on using craft glue or spray glue, smooth well and fold for clean edges.

A pattern for this DIY changing pad cover is coming soon! Chunky thighs not included, but how cute is this woodland fabric?!

This is my absolute favorite piece! I found this rustic metal moose head at a flea market/antique fair.  My Dad was able to make a background for it using scrap pallet wood.  While I originally planned on staining it, I ended up loving the color variation of the wood so we simply sealed it.  We even found some rusty nails to attach the moose!