Free printable: Sweet like my Aunt Cool like my Uncle

Parents, let’s just admit that the biggest perk of having kids is being able to use them as tools for gift giving.  For mother’s day this year we gave our moms a footprint mug and a framed baby picture.  For Christmas? Spoiler-alert Mom: you’re going to get a baby calendar. What’s that? You want an afghan with his giant face on it? Done.  The possibilities are pretty endless when he’s so cute/the only baby in the family.

With mother and father’s day behind us, let’s not forget about the next day of familial celebration: Aunt and Uncle day is July 26th!  Did you know that existed? Neither did I! But when I noticed my new brother-in-law/new doting uncle coveting the footprint mug, I decided to look it up.  He unfortunately is not getting the mug, but he, and my sister Kelli are going to get the baby’s very first craft project!

Oh no! Are you also in need of a last minute gift? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  This free printable can even be personalized by your little one! No matter how “crafty” they may be!

Printable: Aunt and Uncle day is July 26

After printing this on cardstock, I used the tummy time “finger painting” method to let my 5 month old help out.  After placing small dots of craft paint around the edges, I slid the printable into a gallon sized ziploc bag and sealed it shut. Note: I did trim off about a 1/2 in on the top and bottom to fit it in the bag.

Free printable: seal in bag with paint for tummy time

The only thing left to do is to plop your baby child in front of it and let them go to town.  Rowan got super into it.  He is very talented when it comes to hitting something repeatedly. Apparently he loves to play with plastic bags!  If he were older, crayon/marker scribbles would be equally adorable.Seal in bag and tummy time

Is the paint symmetrical and applied with purpose? No, proving that he made it for you.  And look he even tore the paper a bit for you! Aww.  After the paint dried I did let him have another round with this, just to fill in a couple gaps.

Aunt and uncle tummy time printable

So there you go, Aunt Kelli.  Sorry, Aunt and Uncle day does not involve breakfast in bed, but look, he made this for you!  Maybe as a thank you for his Sleepy Time Owl. Or his Easter Cocoon.  Or his mushroom rattles.  (I could go on).

Whether or not you want to let a little artist customize this or not, download the free printable here!

Free printable: Sweet like my Aunt Cool like my Uncle