template acorn buntingOne week until Thanksgiving and I’ve finally hung some fall decorations!  In coordination with my autumn coaster set, this bunting has been on my mind for weeks, just waiting to actually be completed (like so many other project ideas I have).

This autumn bunting looks great on a mantle and is a quick project to complete.  Bunting, in general, can also be a great use of scrap fabric!Autumn decor bunting

What you’ll need:

Print (on cardstock if possible) our Autumn Bunting Template
An array of fabrics, fat quarters and scraps work well
Bias tape (I ordered this a while back and it’s lasted me many a buntings), or you can make tape yourself with bias tape makers
Pinking shears or a pinking rotary cutter and mat
Felt (optional)

First, make your pennants using the provided template.  These flags are 6 inches in length (though double check to see how yours printed) so I start by cutting a 6 inch strip of fabric with a pinking rotary cutter (prevents fraying/no hemming necessary).  I then cut the individual flags using the template.

I wanted to add some additional autumn details to some of my pennants.  I chose to make this with all acorns, but in coordination with our autumn coasters, our template includes a pumpkin, apple and maple leaf as well!  I was not loving the fabric I had on hand to create my acorns, so I once again chose to go with felt for the detail.  However, don’t let my felt obsession deter you, this is totally do able with fabric, though you may want to used fusion paper to prevent fraying.

Before machine sewing any acorns on, I layed out the pennants and lined up the base of the acorn on each one.  Sew on the base, then come back and add the top (same goes for pumpkin and apple).acorn bunting

Once all flags are cut, lay them out on the floor to find your pattern. How many do you need? That depends on how long you want your bunting to be.  Measure where your bunting will go for needed length, and add an extra 10% for a nice swag.   Sandwich your bias tape on either side of a flag and pin in place.  Repeat with each flag, equal distance apart (mine are 1 inch) for the entire length needed.

acorn bunting bias tape

Once you’ve reached your desired length, snip off the end of the bias tape and hit your machine.  One long straight stitch down the length of the bias tape will attach your pennants neatly.

Remove pins, snip extra thread and hang that sucker! See? Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Add it with our Autumn Coasters and our Thankful printable and you are ready to go!