Ah, fall. When it’s 30 degrees in the morning, and 70 in the afternoon. What I need is a new pair of fingerless gloves and cozy headband do the trick in the mornings, but easy enough to stick in my pocket once the sun comes up. A set to start the fall with.

Gloves and Headband crochet patternA project like this is a good chance to experiment with some new stitches. I didn’t want a headband that was only single crocheted, I wanted something with a nice texture, that would be interesting without a lot of embellishments. For inspiration, I like to flip through the book, 500 Crochet Stitches: The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible. Stitches, squares, circles, borders… it’s all there. I really like the wattle stitch, a very simple combination of single crochet, a chain, and a double crochet, but visually and texturally interesting. In order to keep the zig zag of this stitch, both the headband and the gloves are worked in rows, and both sides are stitched together afterward (with a gap in the stitching for the gloves), making this one easy enough for beginners, but it will be sure to impress your friends. When I wore these together last week, the complete stranger I sat next to on the bus immediately said, “I love that set!” We have a winner!

Two great things about this pattern: First, it’s flexible. If you want a wider headband, or longer gloves, just add more rows. If you need to make the headband bigger or smaller to fit your head, add or subtract length by increasing or decreasing the starting chain in multiples of three. Second, this project doesn’t take a whole lot of yarn. Less than one skein of Loops & Threads Impeccable will make all three objects (at these lengths). It’s the perfect project for when you’ve had to dip into a new skein, but didn’t use enough to send it to the scrap pile. It’s always very quick and can be added to your fall/winter wardrobe quickly and in all kinds of colors.

Gloves and Headband crochet pattern

What you need:

H hook

Worsted weight yarn (I used Loops & Threads Impeccable in Gold)

yarn needle to stitch gloves together

Gauge: 5 stitches x 5 rows = 3.5″x2″

Stiches used:

sc= single crochet

dc=double crochet



Ch 75

Row 1- Sk 2 ch *(sc, ch 1, dc) in next chain, sk 2 ch, repeat from *, with a sc in last ch. Ch 1 (counts as 1st sc), turn

Row 2- skip 1st sc & dc, *(sc, ch 1, dc) in next ch sp, skip next sc & dc, repeat from *. End with sc in turning ch sp. Ch 1, turn

Rows 3-7: repeat row 2.

After completing row 7, sc around, then stitch the two ends together to form a headband. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Fingerless gloves (make 2)

Ch 30

Row 1: Sk 1st 2 ch, *(sc, ch 1, dc) in next ch, skip 2 ch, repeat from *, with a sc in last st. Ch 1, (counts as first sc), turn

Row 2: sk 1st sc & dc, *(sc, ch 1, dc) in ch 1 sp, sk next sc and dc, repeat from * with a sc in last ch 1 sp (turning ch sp), ch 1, turn

Row 3-17 (or desired length): repeat row 2

Row 18: sc across, (29 sc), ch 1, turn

Row 19 (scalloped edging): sc in 1st st, *sk next sc, 5 dc in next st, sk next sc, sc in next st, repeat from *

Fasten off, leaving a tail of ~70″. Stitch two sides together, leaving a hole for your thumb. Sc around the wrist and weave in any loose ends.

Gloves and Headband crochet pattern


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