There are two things that I am very VERY excited about for my upcoming wedding (Aside from marrying my man, but let’s be honest, he’s not made out of chocolate and I’ve been on a prewedding diet for too long): 1) The CAKE: a bottom tier of moist yellow cake with a creamy raspberry filling, and a second tier of chocolate cake and a hazelnut cake sandwiching a chocolate truffle filling.  I’m guessing it will take me exactly 3 months before tearing into the anniversary tier….2) The SWEETS bar: full of candies and chocolate galore including favorites like caramel chocolate popcorn, brownies, chocolate-chip cookies and s’mores.  When all I really want to do is stuff my face with chocolate, but eat a salad instead, I actively picture myself not only looking great in my wedding dress but also stuffing my face with chocolate at the reception.  It’s going to be divine.

The sweets bar is for nibbling during the reception, but also to take home some treats as a favor.  I know there are many options for customized favor bags, with cute little rhymes or sayings and the couples names and date (because couples put their names and date on EVERYTHING wedding related).  I’ll admit I considered such things, I even looked into custom stamps so I could still DIY it. But let’s be honest, a favor bag is exactly that–a bag.  No one is going to save a bag they carried brownies in to remember a date, so why should I pay extra to put my name on it?! DIY Weddings on a budget are all about prioritizing what’s important; my priority is the treats on the sweets bar, not the bags they go home in.  Therefore, the sweet little saying is going onto a reusable chalkboard (more on that later) and the favor bags are just that—bags.

I decided to go down a #prettythrifty route, a plain white bag withMake your own favor bags! #prettythrifty a “Thank You” stamped in gold on it.  Lovely, but no one will feel bad about throwing it away when the brownies are gone.  Since I don’t live near craft or superstores, I ordered my supplies online.  These white bags are a good size for a treat buffet; big enough to hold candy, small enough that we don’t run out of candy.  A very important aspect of these bags is the paper texture that will hold stamping ink.  Glassine lined bags might be good for greasy foods, but you’ll have trouble with ink drying on the waxy paper.  I chose a gold ink to go well with my wedding color scheme and an intricate “thank you” stamp, both of which I plan on reusing for my Thank You cards.

These were simple to make, starting with a template.  After lining up the stamp where I wanted it in the middle of the bag, I traced the outline of it with a pencil.  I put this bag on a piece of cardboard, and cut out the rectangular outline with a boxcutter or exacto-knife.  I now had a template so that all my bags would be stamped in the same spot.  Turning the project over to my Matron of Honor, she was able to pump out 150 bags in no time, simply by putting the template on top of the next bag, and applying the inked stamp to the fitted hole.

Another project checked off the list. And how much did this cost?  For 200 bags (50 of which I’m saving for future use), and the additional cost of stamp and stamp pad (that I have plans to use again), I bought all my supplies for $32.  That comes to $0.16 per bag.  Looks like I can add another bowl of candy to the bar!