The groundhog did not see his shadow, which means spring is (supposedly) right around the corner! Time for spring cleaning! Or, at least, a little bit of organization.

I live in the city, which has its perks and drawbacks. The biggest drawback (in my opinion) is a complete lack of craft stores. (And maybe the crime rate, but I would argue that the crime rate would be lower if there were a Michael’s in the middle of the city, so everyone could craft out their anxieties.) This means that when I have a car and am in the suburbs, I stock up on yarn, which brings me to the second biggest drawback of living in the city: space, or to be precise, a lack of it.

So where to keep my yarn stash in my small, city apartment? Up until last week, my solution was about a third of my yarn stashed into a wire basket which was tucked into the space between end table and couch. The rest of my yarn is currently stuffed into a huge C-SPAN Book TV (Book TV?!?!) reusable shopping bag that I got as a freebie from the National Book Festival, which is under my coffee table. Not exactly ready for the pages of Architectural Digest.IMG_2035

My solution? To buy more yarn, but to crochet baskets out of said yarn for my yarn. #meta!

The first basket I made was this super-duper easy and yet super-duper adorable owl basket from Red Heart. I completed the entire thing in a weekend (ok, so there was a blizzard, and I couldn’t go anywhere, but still…). It would also be super-easy to increase the size and to add a different animal face (or just do multiple colors). I plan on doing this at some point, and when I do, I’ll post about it here. A word of advice, in case you’re like me and run straight out to purchase your yarn before actually reading the pattern: be sure to buy two separate skeins of yarn in your main color, instead of one big skein. The basket is worked using two strands of yarn at a time, and your life will be so much easier if you have two different skeins! My owl is in Country Blue (Red Heart), and I used yarn from my massive stash for the eyes and beak.

Morrocan basketNext up, the very beautiful Moroccan Tile Basket from mooglyblog. The Moroccan tile stitch might sound and look exotic and very complicated, but it’s actually just V-stitches. Be sure to watch the video tutorial provided on the pattern site, which really helps clear everything up. I used Lion Brand Thick & Quick in fig and off-white.

Since finishing my baskets, I’ve transferred my yarn scraps (i.e. not enough of one yarn to do a whole project, but perfect for eyes, flowers, bows, etc.) in my owl basket so they don’t clutter up my other yarn supply, and I’ve put all my cream and white-colored yarns in my Morrocan Tile basket. The Book TV bag is still under my coffee table, but with a few more weekend blizzards (or just weekends of binge-watching Netflix) I can both decorate and de-clutter my apartment at the same time!