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Mosaic Tile Office A/C Guard

If you’re anything like me, you dress for the weather. I live in a swampland from April-September, so my wardrobe consists of skirts and sleeveless dresses. I’m not exactly prepared for the sub-arctic temperatures that the office can get to… Continue Reading →

creamy caramel apple dip

   It’s Halloween.  Time to carve pumpkins and eat massive amounts of sugar. This year, I finally got over my need to dress silly and go in public. Instead, I focused on my need to watch bad zombie movie marathons while… Continue Reading →

The Book

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Cook’s Illustrated. It’s the only cookbook you will ever need, I promise. Well, that’s not entirely true. It won’t tell you how to make whoopie pies, and it bizarrely avoids… Continue Reading →

Coconut Cherry Delight

I love cherries. I love coconut. What could be better than Coconut Cherry Cupcakes? Answer: Coconut cherry cupcakes with some chocolate chips thrown in. This recipe is #2 from my new cupcake book from which I found the recipe for… Continue Reading →

OH, Honey

When I was an oily-face, acne-prone teenager, I dreamed of my twenties, the age when everything works out right.  I’d go to college, marry my college sweetheart, start my career, and never have another freaking zit for the rest of… Continue Reading →

Fresh Raspberry Cupcakes

For Christmas, one of my housemates bought me a mixer after I complained about having to whip up my whoopie pie filling with brute force. And for my birthday a few weeks ago, another housemate bought me a cupcake kit…. Continue Reading →

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