Next up in our Color-Me-Postcard series: I’m with Her.

We are not a political blog.  We would much rather discuss the intricacies of a challenging crochet stitch than the nuances of a stump speech.  If this were any other election year, we wouldn’t even mention it was an election year, let alone using this craft blog to support a certain candidate.  But sometimes we can not stand idly by.  We can not stand by when a presidential candidate uses his podium to incite violence, not only against peaceful protesters who disagree with him, but his political rival and potentially the future President of the United States, as well.  We can not stand idly by when a presidential candidate attacks a grieving gold star family and accepts a Purple Heart like he’s accepting a drink.  We can not stand by when a presidential candidate suggests banning an entire religion, and repeatedly blames all of America’s problems on immigrants and people of color. The list could go on and on.  He’s a misogynist, he’s a racist, and he’s a pathological liar.


So when you’re watching the news in disbelief by yet another thing he did or said, color this postcard.  When you’re baffled by how we, as a society, got to this point, color this postcard. Color this postcard and send it to every person you know. Tell them exactly why you are with her.

This postcard is hand-drawn by me, downloadable by you.  And, to maximize your support, printing this page will result in not one, but two postcards for Hillary.

Download our Color-Me-Postcard: I’m With Her