We may only have 3 more weeks until Christmas, but that’s still plenty of time to make a few stocking stuffers for the crocheters on your list!  This Crochet Hook Roll Up can be completed in an hour, using fabric quarters or other scrap fabric.  Don’t know any other crocheters? Make it for yourself and stay organized while you travel with your yarn and hooks!

What you’ll need:
2 pieces of coordinating fabric cut to 13 x 14 in
Basic sewing supplies
Crochet Hook DIY HolderWe’ll start this roll up much like you would make a small pillow. With both right sides facing in, sew a 1/4 seam around the edge of the fabrics, leaving a 4 inch gap on a 14 inch side. Using the gap, turn the fabric out so right sides face out.  Turn out each corner and press the seam.

Close the gap along the 14 inch long side by sewing a single seam across the length of the fabric.  Take the stitched seam and fold up towards the middle of the fabric, about 4 inches.  Pin each side.

DIY Hook roll upStarting at one of the folds, stitch a 1/4 inch seam up the entire length of the 13 inch side.  At the top, turn the corner to sew across the 14 inch side and again down the other 13 inch side and the other fold.  You now have a pocket.

DIY Hook roll upTo make compartments in the pocket, simply sew straight lines vertically.  To do this somewhat evenly, I placed a pin at every inch, removing it before sewing it in,  You should get about 12 compartments depending on the width you choose.

Before completing your last two lines of stitching. Line up and pin your ribbon to the outside so that you’ll stitch through it when you complete you last two compartments.

Once the ribbon is attached, add your crochet hooks.  Fold the top over so that the hooks won’t slide out and roll starting on the opposite side of you ribbon.  Tie into a bow and trim the ribbon as necessary.

Crochet Hook DIY Holder

You know what this means?  You now have reason to buy more crochet hooks!  Be kind to yourself and go for the ergonomic type.