It’s upcycling February, so let’s talk about yarn you can make in your own home, without shaving a sheep: t-shirt yarn.

You know you’ve got plenty of t-shirts lying around, not being worn. In fact, you may have already gathered them all up and put them in a bag to take to goodwill, only that bag is still sitting in the chair of your bedroom a year and a half later.

What you’ll need:



That’s it! Just t-shirts no one wants to wear anymore, and something to cut them up with! You can use fabric scissors, but scissors can make the process incredibly slow. I recommend investing in Fiskars 3-piece rotary cutting set, which is basically a pizza cutter for fabric. I was slogging along with fabric scissors until I was introduced to the rotary cutter. It sped up the process 10-fold.

Scissors or pizza cutter, lay your t-shirts one at a time onto a flat surface. Cut off the bottom hem, then cut strips, as evenly as possible. When you’re finished cutting, you should have a piece that’s one loop.

cutting t-shirt yarn

When you have your strips cut up, connect them like so to make yarn: (Yes, those are my real thumbs)


The great thing about t-shirt yarn, is that you can add as you go, so you don’t need to worry about cutting up enough to begin with. Cut up a couple t-shirts, join together, and try crocheting with it to see if you like it. It also allows you to control when you change colors.

You can use the remaining bits of t-shirt (everything from the armpits up) to stuff other craft projects, or as cleaning rags, keeping garbage out of the landfill.