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True story: I’m mildly obsessed with ice water.  Not a bad addiction to have, I know, but my glass is never without a few cubes.  The problem? This time of year, my glass is seriously sweating.  The real problem? We don’t own any coasters! What are we, animals?! Do you know what I am currently using as a coaster on my nightstand? A nursing pad! As a coaster! True story.

Oh, what is a girl to do when lacking coasters but owning a copious supply of colorful felt? Ah yes, felt.  My other mild obsession.  Woodlands and animals look great in the nursery, but for coasters, I decided to go with something a bit more mature: donuts.  I’m not sure why donuts have a summer feel to them, they are obviously delicious all year round, but they are colorful, fun and the perfect remedy to my sweaty glass situation.

DIY felt coasters donut sewing pattern


In an attempt to appear civilized, I whipped up a set of these fun coasters for the house and so can you!  All you’ll need is felt in your choice of colors and colorful thread for the details.  Download the hand drawn donut coaster pattern here and get started!

In my defense, I do feel that my reusable nursing pads could be marketed as coasters, as they are absorbent and the right size.  Not as fun as donuts though.  After cutting out your pattern, pin each piece to your felt and cut with fabric scissors. You’ll need to cut one top (the icing), and either one or two bottoms (the donut).  This depends on how clean you want your final coasters to look, two donuts will cover up threads on the bottom from attaching your icing. It will also add another layer of absorbency, but it’s totally optional.

DIY felt donut coasters

Once the pieces are cut, I first added my sprinkles.  To make the thread stand out I doubled up on my thread and made my way around the icing in a purposely random pattern. The back of the icing will look crazy! But don’t worry, no one will see it.  In a color matching the icing, I then sewed the icing to the donut, effectively hiding the sprinkle mess.  At this point you could add your optional second donut layer, sewing around the edges, hiding evidence of sewing on your icing.  I have not done this, and I will not do it until house guests start closely examining my coaster set.

Do you need some (more) donuts in your life? Start your coasters today, and don’t forget the sprinkles!

Download Donut Template