We’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve compiled an ever growing list of great gifts for the yarn lover, the fabric lover, and all the other creative types on your list.  It’s never too late to get some great gifts (especially when you have Amazon Prime! Get a free trial here!)

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For every kind of Maker

Kelli made a special request this Christmas, a new notebook for a new year’s worth of new crochet patterns.  That type of creative prowess takes some motivation, hence the hand-lettered notbook.  Get yours and other good stuff at our Zazzle shop!





Washi Tape

Creative and non creative people alike can come up with 100 ways to use this tape.  And that will always be true.


Cute little scissors

Put these cute little guys in your travel pouch and you are good to go (assuming it’s not in a carryon).  Snip threads and yarn in style!


For the Yarn Lover

This mug was specifically designed for Kelli as a Christmas present a few years back.  Often featured on our Instagram, it’s the perfect cup for a relaxing Saturday morning of Coffee and Crochet!



All the Yarn Tote Bag

Doesn’t this seem like the perfect tote to carry into Michaels on a Saturday afternoon? We think so too.  Available in a variety of colors, get it as a gift for yourself and stock up!





Crochet Hook HolderCrochet Hook DIY Holder

A quick and easy sewing project, check out our crochet hook holder as a last minute stocking stuffer.  When you have as many hooks as we do, you’ve got to keep them organized and compact, and that’s just what our Hook Roll Up does.

 350 Crochet or Knitting Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets

Kelli got this crochet book for her birthday this year and it resulted in her mastering the Wattle stitch, leading to the Autumn Starter Set.  Just think of the possibilities of the other 349 tips and techniques




Knit happens

We’re always looking for little bags to hold the necessities for on the go, whether that be mascara or stitch markers. A cool hand lettered design by yours truly would be a plus as well!

For the Fan of Fabric

crochet pineapple



The Pineapple Pincushion

Stocking stuffer alert! It’s cute, and it serves a purpose!  Whip up this easy pineapple pincushion for the seamstress in your life. You could even throw in some extra pins!




Rotary Cutting Set

If you haven’t yet gifted yourself, or a sewer you love, a rotary cutter and mat then you are A) missing out on a huge time saver and B) probably not making straight cuts (I speak from experience).



Magnetic Pincushion

This may not be as cute as our pineapple pin cushion but it’s oh so helpful.  You can even use it as a wand to pick up dropped pins off the floor so that your significant other/roommate doesn’t move out on the account of all the pins they’ve taken in the feet (trust me).