The time has finally come, Halloween is one week away!  If you haven’t yet made time for your annual review of the 1993 cult classic, Hocus Pocus, do it now, before the black candle burns out!

And to get the ultimate Halloween spirit, join us for a week long lettering challenge right up until All Hallow’s Eve.  (And if you’re already in the spirit, let it be a cathartic exercise and recovery for the most traumatic Walking Dead episode we have ever seen).

So, sisters, break out your markers and turn on Freeform.  Share your stuff with #HoPoChallenge.

Come. We fly!


Check out a few of my finished products from this challenge.  What? Was it not a “get a picture of your cat and lettering together” challenge?! Oh well.  He’s a stand-in for Binx, therefore his presence is completely relevant!  Hocus Pocus Lettering Challenge Cat