My yarn stash had an abundance of pink, which sent me looking for pink projects in order to clear space for new yarn. I decided that a toddler friend I enjoy testing hats out on needed a pair of leg warmers to go with all those hats. This pattern will work with any light or medium weight yarn you’ve got in your stash!

Slouchy legwarmers (size: toddler)

Yarn: Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly in Cotton Candy (A) and Candy Pink (B) off-white (C)



SC=single crochet

HDC=Half double crochet

HDC dec=Half double crochet decrease


Using an H hook:

In Color A, ch 30, join, ch 1

Row 1: SC in each ch around, join,  ch 1 (30 SC)

Row 2-6: SC in each stitch, join, ch 1 (30)

Change to Color B

Row 7: Ch 1, *2 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 5, repeat from * (35 HDCs)

Row 8: Ch 1, *2 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next 6, repeat from * (40)

Row 9: Ch 1, HDC in each stitch around

Change to Color C

Row 10: Repeat Row 9

*Repeat Row 9 with the following color changes*

Row 11-12: (A)

Row 13-15: (B)

Row 16: (C)

Row 17-18: (A)

Row 19-21: (B)

Row 22-23: (A)

Continuing with Color A,Crochet hippo hat

Row 24: HDC dec, HDC in next 18 stitches, HDC dec, HDC in remaining 18 stitches (38)

Row 25: HDC dec, HDC in next 11 stitches, HDC dec, HDC in remaining 10 stitches (35)

Row 26: HDC in each stitch around, fasten off.


To go with it, I added this hippo hat in the same pinks from Repeat Crafter Me. Cuteness!