With Kelli’s wedding here and gone (sad face) we are A. going to back to our normally programmed crocheting, crafting and blogging and B. sharing with you her kick-ass wedding invites.  You didn’t know wedding invitations could be kick-ass?  Well, these were a personal and unique DIY, and you will not believe the final cost!

A year ago, I designed my own wedding invitations in Photoshop. It was a lot of trial by error, but in the end I ended up with gorgeous watercolor pinks and turquoise, not to mention I also invented a DIY invitation enclosure. They were pretty and thrifty and I got mad reviews of my hand addressed envelopes.

This year I was excited to try my hand at another invitation suite, with a completely different feel. It was ten times easier the second time around and what Kelli and I came up with, we have never seen before.

Wedding Inspiration: Book themed invitations

First, let’s note that weddings do not need themes.  It’s a wedding, that’s the theme!  That being said, Kelli is a purple-loving book junkie, a former librarian and English major to boot.  No, she did not plan on having a book themed wedding (though who could blame her) but this was such a unique idea, we just couldn’t pass it up.

The invites were printed and cut to resemble books.  The RSVP postcards mimicked a library card (remember those?).  This was all designed in Photoshop, with the recolored floral graphics as a freebie from Creative Market.

Wedding inspiration: Book themed invites

Cost Breakdown:

Paper supplies:  $53.99; from Papersource  including text weight and cardstock in Eco-white, cardstock in Aubergine for mounting, and A7 envelopes in Plum.
Printing: $21.65; Same day printing from my local Staples, one-sided color for $0.45 a page.  Staples won’t print on cardstock, so we did print the RSVP cards at home.
Assembly: Free; Gluestick and papercutter borrowed from my office.
Total for 64 invites: 75.64

Price per invite: $1.18
Price per invite after postage: $2.01

Two dollar invitations! That’s unheard of!  Quality paper with a unique design gave us rave reviews before, during, and after the wedding.  Guests favorite detail? The date on the RSVP Library card.  As library cards are never stamped straight, notice this too, is slightly askew.  It’s the details, people! Once the design was set, it was a breeze to whip up coordinating Thank You cards to complete the suite.

 So what do you think of our book inspired wedding invitations?  Too themed or too good to pass up? Let us know!