I hope you’ve weighed your decisions carefully and have filled out a solid bracket that will give you bragging rights for the next year. Or you’ve thrown darts/chosen the best mascot/prettiest colors and you still have a decent chance of getting bragging rights for the next year. Whatever your method of choosing a bracket, I’ve got a hat that will get you a lot of attention throughout the tournament. It is supremely silly and just for fun. It’s a basketball hoop. For your head.

This is a fun pattern, in more ways than one. Besides the fun of the final product, you’ll get to dust off your rarely-used L hook, and break out the ever-elusive TRIPLE DOUBLE crochet. (I’ll wait while you recover from all this excitement.)

If you’ve never done a triple double crochet, don’t worry. If you can do a single crochet and a double crochet, you can do a triple double crochet. You simply wrap the yarn around your hook THREE times, then proceed to pull through two loops at a time, until you have only one loop on your hook, like so:


You’ll also need a foundation double crochet (video tutorial here, courtesy of Mooglyblog), and a cross stitch, which is going to involve crocheting back to the right, as opposed to forward to the left. Here’s another video tutorial from Moogly. (Note: Debbie Stoller’s The Happy Hooker also has a good tutorial for this stitch, as well as many others.) Once you know how to do those stitches, this pattern will work up in no time. Seriously, you can start at tip-off and be done by the half.

What you’ll need:

J and L hooks

Orange yarn, for the rim (I used Vanna’s Choice in Terra Cotta)

White, bulky weight yarn for the net


DC=Double Crochet

SC=Single crochet


double tr= double triple crochet

X st= cross stitch

With J hook and orange yarn, Foundation ch DC, (60)

Fasten off, switch to white yarn and L hook

Rd 1- Ch 4, *Skip 3 stitches, Double tr crochet, ch 1, double tr in 2nd skipped stitch. Repeat from * around, (15 X st)

Rd 2- Ch 1, SC in each st and ch

Rd 3- SC in each st around, with 3 SC in each X st (60 SC)

Rd 4- Repeat Rd 2

Rd 5- SC in each st around, with 2 SC in each X st (46 SC)

Rd 6- X st around (11 X st)

Rd 7- Repeat Rd 5 (34 SC)

Rd 8- X st around (8 X st)

Rd 9- SC around, with 3 SC in each X st  (34 SC)

Rd 10- X st around (8 X st) Fasten off, weave in ends.