When I was an oily-face, acne-prone teenager, I dreamed of my twenties, the age when everything works out right.  I’d go to college, marry my college sweetheart, start my career, and never have another freaking zit for the rest of my life.  Pipe dreams, they were. Fast-forward 10 years later, I have two degrees, not quite married, have a job but still wondering about a career and still dream of being zit free.  I thought everything worked out right in your 20s?!

But change is coming, at least on the zit front.

Today I’m going to let you in on a little skincare secret.  Not so much of a secret, but definitely a “why haven’t I been doing this for the past 10 years?!” revelation.  Be prepared, I’m going to blow your mind.

Here it is, the single best face wash on the face of the earth (and also in your kitchen cabinet): Honey.

Yes, that’s it.  Honey.  The condiment with a bear shaped bottle. Honey has a lot of beneficial properties (google it) but it makes a great cleanser because of it’s natural anti-microbials and antioxidants.  Leaving your face feeling clean, but not at all dried out.

You may be skeptical and understandably so.  Won’t my face be sticky? you ask.  Perhaps, but that’s what water is for, rinsing.  Can I lick it off my lips? Absolutely.  Will vengeful bees or honey eating Pooh bears start attacking me? Not in my experience.

Here’s what you do:  Wet your face, add any honey to your hand (Raw/organic may have more nutrients, but I use store brand Clover honey and it works just fine).  Wash your face as you would any other face wash and rinse with water.  Honey does rinse right off but every once in a while I feel a little sticky under my chin, therefore I rinse again.  If you’re feeling particularly grimy, add a pinch of baking soda for a little microdermabrasion effect. If you still feel you need to moisturize, try Coconut Oil.  Putting oil on your oily skin may seem…idiotic.  But as I understand it, your face over produces oil because face washes can be so drying and abrasive.  Treat it right with oil, and it learns to produce the right amount.

Try it out, let us know how it goes.  After one week, my skin didn’t look any worse than washing with my expensive Clinique cleansers.  I considered this a success. After one month, I had hardly gotten any new blemishes, and those that did appear quickly disappeared.  After two months, I had not had this good looking skin since before I hit puberty. Four years later, I’m never going back to buying “products” ever again.