This weekend, we crocheted ourselves some pink hats and stood in solidarity with women all over the country and the world.  We made witty signs.  We talked to total strangers. We raised our voice. It was a one day march that surpassed all expectations and was awe-inspiring to be a part of.  But it was just Day One.  Which leads many of us to ask, where do we go from here? The wonderful organizers of the Women’s March have thought this through and have come up with 10 actions over the first 100 days to continue with this momentum.

Action #1starts right now: Send postcards to your congress members telling them what issues matter most to you and how you will continue to fight for these issues.  This seems like an excellent opportunity to do some meditative coloring with our Color-Me-Postcards! (because I think we all need some meditative coloring) We’ve conglomerated the most relevant hand-drawn postcards in one place for your convenience, and as each file prints two postcards, share them with a friend and/or send the extras to Paul Ryan!

Maybe you want to thank your senator for having your back and encourage them to keep working. Download our Color-Me-Postcard: Thank You (I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Warren)

Free Downloadable Color-Me-Postcard: Thank you

Maybe you want to let your congressman know that you are STILL with her (& her, & her, & her). Download our Color-Me-Postcard: I’m With Her

I'm Still with Her

Maybe you should tell them what exactly makes America great.  Download our Color-Me-Postcard: Home of the Brave

Color-me-postcards: Home of the Brave

And maybe, just maybe, they need reminded the love trumps hate, and Love will Always win.  Download our Color-Me-Postcard: Love Always Wins

Free Download: Color-Me-Postcard, Love Always Wins

We want to see your finished product! Before mailing, be sure to take pictures of your colored creations, tagging #whyimarch and #colormepostcard.  And be sure to check out our other postcards here and here.