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The Card Conundrum

After our recent wedding, when we were finally back home, we found ourselves opening  cards from guests, friends and coworkers.  While we loved reading the well-wishes, and appreciated how gorgeous some of the cards were, we just didn’t know what to… Continue Reading →

A Whole New World

Wedding guestbooks.  A tradition that is being completely transformed by today’s brides.  Why sign a book when you can sign puzzle pieces, rocks, and wall art?!  Continuing off the beaten path, I decided on a guest globe, for it’s uniqueness,… Continue Reading →

Writing on the Glass

There were plenty of DIY projects I had to be proud of at my wedding, but what I consider to be the crown jewel was my table assignment window.  This salvaged window was bought at a flea market for about… Continue Reading →

Tying the Knot

The week before my wedding, I thought about all the people who would be helping us in the weekend to come. I wanted to give a little something as a Thank You, to not only my bridesmaids but all the other… Continue Reading →

The Art of Chalkboarding

Well it finally happened.  The wedding is past, the pictures have been shared, and now I have many DIY projects to share with you!  First up: Chalkboard art. Chalkboards at weddings are nothing new, they’ve become quite a popular way… Continue Reading →

Pushing the envelope

Invitations to my upcoming wedding went out 2 weeks ago and the RSVPs have been rolling in! (And by rolling, I do mean a very slow trickling).  While I have received some compliments on my DIY invites (including my “clever”… Continue Reading →

Inventions in Paper Products

As you may have guessed, I am DIY-ing the hell out of my upcoming wedding.  Chalkboards? Yep. Favor bags? Check. Table Numbers? Working on it.  Invitations? Totally, and completely taking over my apartment right now.  On the bright side, they are… Continue Reading →

In the Pink

My yarn stash had an abundance of pink, which sent me looking for pink projects in order to clear space for new yarn. I decided that a toddler friend I enjoy testing hats out on needed a pair of leg… Continue Reading →

Bags with swag

There are two things that I am very VERY excited about for my upcoming wedding (Aside from marrying my man, but let’s be honest, he’s not made out of chocolate and I’ve been on a prewedding diet for too long):… Continue Reading →

Basket Case

The groundhog did not see his shadow, which means spring is (supposedly) right around the corner! Time for spring cleaning! Or, at least, a little bit of organization. I live in the city, which has its perks and drawbacks. The… Continue Reading →

The Goldilocks Flower

While I love making baby hats, after 13 straight (and that’s just after Christmas), I decided I wanted to make myself a hat. Or two. First up: This one, which covers my ears and looks cute at the same time. While… Continue Reading →


Let’s start with something quick and easy: A doormat.  So easy that it was outside my door within an hour. I bought this plain old doormat from IKEA for $4.99.  Like most things in IKEA I probably didn’t NEED it,… Continue Reading →


Have you ever had that bathroom, that no matter how often you clean it, it still always smells like a bathroom.  Yeah, so have I.   Cue: DIY air fresheners that literally took me 5 minutes to make.  Ah yes,… Continue Reading →

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