After our recent wedding, when we were finally back home, we found ourselves opening  cards from guests, friends and coworkers.  While we loved reading the well-wishes, and appreciated how gorgeous some of the cards were, we just didn’t know what to do with a huge stack of cards.  Not wanting to throw them away, but also not knowing what to do with them, we let them sit on the shelf for month while I let this stew.

What to do with wedding cards

I considered making a booklet of them all, preserving them for when we’re feeling nostalgic and willing to seek out a book.  I’ve seen buntings made from them, but assumed a wedding card bunting is not something we’d be hanging in our living room long term.  As I thought about displaying our freshly returned wedding photos, I figured, why not display our cards as well?  And that’s what I decided on, displaying snippets of all of our cards in a photo frame.

Fair warning, this project requires taking your cards out of their original state in which theywhat to do with wedding cards can not return.  Rather than displaying entire cards, I chose to cut out bits and pieces using a 1.5 in circle punch, and displaying them, along with a wedding picture of us, in a 8×10 shadow box frame, additionally I bought a photo mat from Michael’s.  I felt a 1.5 in was the appropriate size for the 8×10 frame I was using, but feel free to go bigger.  (I briefly considered the appropriate heart shaped punch, but seeing as though I don’t really like hearts, I went with circles).


With my stack of cards in hand, I started going through each one, placing my punch to capture the most interesting parts.  That definitely included a lot of glitter/floral design on the fronts, but it also included particular words, as well as love and signatures of our guests.  This may take some cutting of the card with scissors to position the punch exactly where you want it.

Wedding card display DIY

Once satisfied with the memories I was saving, I placed each one into the shadow box, with the side I want to see, facing down on the glass.

DIY wedding card and photo display. Save those memories!Placing my matted photo behind them (note: my picture is triple matted because I didn’t have a 5×7 photo for the double mat that I bought).  Close up the shadow box and you have a beautiful display of memories and love.

Wedding photo and card displayWant to see some different cards and signatures? Give it a shake!

wedding card display

While this certainly worked well for wedding cards, it’s much more versatile than that. Any event, such as Graduation, a Bridal shower or a Baby shower would look great with group shot of all those who attended. Even a holiday family photo with holiday cards from family and friends would do the job.   Get rid of those stacks of cards, display them!