It’s a new year, and a big year here at The Crafty Cats: 2017 is the year of our first baby child/nephew/hat model and we are both crafting away in excitement!  This kid is going to be so …warm!  Kelli has been busy crocheting up my woodland creature nursery theme so I’ve started doing my part of nursery decor with these cute felt characters.  This project is cute, easy, cheap, and versatile.  They can be used for a mobile, a bunting, a rattle, or even a cat toy!  Let’s get started!

The first step of a woodland creature theme, is the woodlands themselves: Trees, leaves, mushrooms and acorns (Animals will be coming soon!).   Supplies you’ll need for this project:

Felt Acorn Cut and GlueAfter printing out your download, cut out each item.  Notice most characters have more than one piece (other than the leaves) and will require more than one color of felt.  Pin your paper template to the color felt of your choice, being economical with your placement so that the felt lasts for many characters.  Cut around your paper template. Unpin and repeat in the same color so that you have two of each for front and back.

As an example, for the acorn, I have cut out two acorn bases in tan, and two acorn tops in brown.  I now glue one acorn base to one acorn top to create the front.  I will do the same for the back base and top, lining it up to the front to ensure my placement is the same, but do not glue the front and back together.  Gluing is optional, it will help the two pieces stay in place while sewing it.

I chose to handstitch these characters but I suppose they could be done on a machine (I never handstitch so this is a refreshing change, I even got it done in the car!).  Either way, first, stitch what you just glued. I chose to use brown thread for the acorn, which blends with the top and contrasts the bottom. In this case I’m stitching the front acorn top to the acorn base.  I’ll repeat this for the back piece as well.

Sew top and base together
I’m now ready to sew the front and back acorns together, using a pin to keep them lined up.  I did a whip stitch all along the outer edge of my acorn.  Before closing, I used a very small amount of polyfill to slightly stuff the acorn and then secure the seam.

Whip stitch around edgesSlightly stuff

Ta da!  An acorn that cost a fraction of 50 cents and maybe 20 minutes? Now check out the rest of these templates!DIY Felt Woodlands: Free template for nursery bunting or mobile
 As an added bonus, the tree pieces 1 and 2 can be mixed and matched, so that’s 4 different trees to add to your woodlands!  The creatures are coming soon! Stay tuned!

DIY Felt Woodlands characters