The week before my wedding, I thought about all the people who would be helping us in the weekend to come. I wanted to give a little something as a Thank You, to not only my bridesmaids but all the other girls who would be around as well, including significant others of the groomsmen and a friend doing our reading. It didn’t need to be big, just something that acknowledged and thanked them for their help.  And, ideally, I wanted to make it while sitting, relaxing, and watching Harry Potter on the Tuesday night before my wedding.

I found this elastic cord in pretty colors and patterns at Walmart for less than three dollars each, and I was inspired!  (Or find something similar on Amazon). To make the currently trendy hair ties seen in stores, I bought two packs, cutting the elastics into ~8 inch strips.  This yielded 7 strips for each elastic, 56 strips total.  You could cut these shorter to make smaller hair ties, but the most important aspect of a hair tie for me (aside from holding hair) is the ability to wear it on my wrist, and needless to say, 8 inches with a knot fit my wrist perfectly.
DIY gifts for bridesmaids

After all the cords were cut, I went about making the ties, pushing the knot towards the cut ends while continuing to tighten. This will make the loop of the tie as large as possible.


All that’s left is to distribute every color and pattern into 7 separate piles.


Using the left over cardstock from my wedding invitation enclosures as a holder, I added “Thanks for helping us tie the knot” to make it an official thank you gift (and because everyone loves puns).  For anyone keeping score, that’s six gifts (and one for myself, obviously) for less than 6 dollars, all completed before Harry even gets to the second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament.  DIY party favor

Not planning a wedding? These would also make great stocking stuffers (Knotty or Nice?) or favors for a girl’s birthday party.  Knot too shabby.  (See, everyone loves puns).