Eight months ago, my husband and I moved into our first house. I, of course, had huge aspirations of changing the decor and making it my own.  Aspirations that cost time and money, which haven’t garnered much enthusiasm from the husband (he, for some reason, thinks the current paint color in every room is “fine” and also thinks a whole kitchen reno is “unnecessary”).  So while he has begrudgingly helped check a few things off my list, we are still far from where I’d like to be.   Like why do we still have so many empty nails on the walls?!  Which is why I came up with this quick piece of artwork for a little boys bath room. (Because we apparently can’t remove nails).

diy bath decor
rubber duckie bath decor

This old wall hanging was sitting in my basement, an old thrift store find from many years ago.  I saw this as a reupholstery possibility and I’m glad I hung on to it!

I started by using a staple remover to say good bye to that beautiful 70s rainbow.  Using some leftover fabric, I reupholstered the frame with the chevron, stapling each side little by little making sure it’s tight. If I had been using a thicker upholstery fabric I probably wouldn’t have removed the original, however I didn’t want the rainbow peeking through the white chevron.

reupholster wall hanging

After the frame was upholstered I used my trusty felt to add some lettering. I chose the word BATH, but there are lots of possibilities.  This was simply done by playing around with fonts in Photoshop (or whatever program you choose) and printing at an appropriately giant size.  Cut out the letters, pin to felt, and voila, you have a template for letters.  I then drew myself a template for the rubber duckie, which I’m sharing with you today and traced a quarter and a jar lid for the bubbles.  Once all the pieces were cut out, I stiched everything on by hand starting with the letters.  Why do I always seem to stitch my felt projects by hand? I don’t know, I guess I like working on it outside of the craft room.  If you would rather use a machine, sew all pieces to the fabric before stapling it to your frame.

DIY bathroom sign

Before closing up the duck and bubbles, I slightly stuffed them with poly-fil for some added dimension.

I was super pleased how this came out.  It adds a playful pop of color to a little boy’s bath.  Having all the material on hand was an added bonus!

Get the Rubber Duckie Template here!

kids bathroom sign diy

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