A few years ago, Holli and I, along with our significant others, decided to run the annual Halloween 6.66 miler in Salem, MA. Given that it was Halloween, and Salem, we needed costumes that were going to be easy enough to run in. We brainstormed some famous foursomes (the Jamaican bobsled team stands out as a memorable front-runner), but ultimately decided to go as a pack of Waldos. A red and white striped shirt was easy to wear with whatever running pants or shorts we wanted, and a hat would keep us warm on a frigidly cold morning. Plus, we liked the visual of turning a big race into a life-sized game of Where’s Waldo? Sure enough, as we ran through Salem, we heard various spectators yelling “I found Waldo!” Or, in my case, lagging behind, “I found ANOTHER Waldo!” Of course, this joke did get extremely old, as we walked through Salem later that day and every other person who passed us said “I found you!” (And Salem is very, VERY crowded on Halloween!)

Now that there is a baby in the family to dress up for Halloween, we decided there would be few things cuter than a baby Waldo. This pattern is so easy, you probably don’t even need it (we’re here for inspiration!) but I wrote it down anyway, so you can dig out an old red and white striped shirt and whip this up a few hours before it’s time to go trick-or-treating.

Since Waldo’s hat rolls up, this is made plenty long. It also makes it almost a one-size fits all for young people.

where's waldo crochet hat pattern

What you need:

H hook

Red and White worsted weight yarn- I used Vanna’s Choice in white and scarlet.


Where's Waldo Crochet Hat PatternPattern:

With white yarn

Rd 1- 8 HDC, ch 1 (8)

Rd 2- 2 HDC in each st around (16), ch 1

Rd 3- 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next, repeat around (24), ch 1

Rd 4- 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next two, repeat around (32), ch 1

Rd 5- 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next three, repeat around (40)

Rd 6- 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next 4, repeat around (48), ch 1

Rd 7- 2HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next 11, repeat around (52), ch 1

Rd 8- 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next 12, repeat around (56), ch 1

Rd 9- HDC in each st. around

Switch to red yarn

Rd 10-20: repeat rd 9

Fasten off

Make a red pom-pom, sew on top of hat.

Where's waldo hat- free crochet pattern

Don’t forget the glasses! Find black pipe cleaner or two and fashion a pair of glasses out of them to complete the look.

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