If you love pirates and you love owls, you should probably make this pirate owl hat. It’s not a freebie, so I’m here to help with some advice on whether or not this is a Pattern Worth Paying For.

Pattern name: Owl Pirate Earflap Hat No. 60

Link: Owl Pirate hat at Ravelry

Recommended Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (Cotton, worsted weight) in Red, Light Blue, Orange, Brown, Amber, Black, and White.

Yarn I used: Any worsted weight yarn I had lying around. You don’t need much of any one color.

The Pros: It’s an OWL AND A PIRATE. A PIRATE OWL. I don’t think I need to list anything else. Oh, except that a pirate only has one eye, so it will save you time trying to find two matching buttons.

The downside: Again, with the finishing. There are so many pieces to sew on when you’re finished, but the instructions for those are easy to follow.

The downloadable pattern is 34 pages. Obviously fantastic for beginners, with lots of diagrams and photos. Not so great for the environment if you  need to print it out.

Other thoughts, modifications, and comments: My mom found this pattern and sent it to me, and I was immediately intrigued. I initially thought I could write a pattern for something similar, but I had a lot of friends expecting babies in July and August, and had to get a move on. (Seriously, friends: space out your babies. Having them in bunches doesn’t help me!) I definitely didn’t have time to experiment.

The second time I made this hat, I used dark pink yarn for the bandana for a girl baby. Yes, I know we should not be slaves to gender stereotypes and all that, but the dark pink is SO CUTE with the rest of the colors, trust me.

This pattern costs $6.99, which is more than I would normally pay for a hat pattern. But I’ve got a feeling I’ll be crocheting this hat for years to come.

Is this a pattern worth paying for? It’s an owl pirate. So, yes.