Have you noticed woodland creatures are totally in style right now?  Forget the elephants, people.  We’re talking owls, foxes, hedgehogs!  Because who doesn’t love seeing a raccoon sorting through their garbage and bear prints in their snowy back yard? Regardless of if we love them in real life, they are pretty darn cute, not to mention, gender-neutral, in a nursery setting which is why I’m following the fad.

Last week I shared a hand-drawn template for creating woodlands out of felt.  Trees, acorns, mushrooms and leaves set the scene.  This week, using the same supplies, we’ll add in the critters, 8 of them to be exact! To create a fox, raccoon, owl, squirrel, hedgehog, bear, dear and birds, gather the supplies below!

  • Download and Print my hand-drawn template for felt Woodland Creatures.
  • Craft Felt ($0.23/sheet at Walmart, $0.49 at JoAnns, or pick up a pack at Amazon)
  • Thread (I have this pack, with colors galore!)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hand sewing Needles
  • Polyfill stuffing (optional) (you could also stuff with your felt scraps!)
  • Craft glue (optional)Supplies needed for Woodlands felt characters

As these critters are slightly more evolved than their woodland counterparts, each animal has directions which can be downloaded here.  These directions mostly detail the order in which to sew the pieces together. For more basic instructions, check out my last post. 

DIY woodland felt creatures

Because a fox has more features than say, a tree, the DIY felt creatures require a bit more stitching in of the details.  I did this to prevent the pieces from getting too small to cut out of felt, which means characteristics like eyes, ears and noses are stitched in. squirrel progress: Free template woodland creatures Think of it as drawing these in with your thread.  The eyes can be a bit tricky…for starters, my hedgehog looks angry! But then I took a cue from our Sleepy time owl and started stitching in closed eyes.  All animals are sweet when they are sleeping.  Even bears!


What to do with your completed woodland menagerie? I made a mobile for my woodlands theme nursery.  The little one loves it. We’re talking, “why would I take a nap when I love looking at this mobile so much” kind of love.  All the parts you need for a mobile can be purchased on Amazon, including the arm and the motor/music box.woodlands nursery mobile diy

owl felt animal

Alternatively, these guys would also make a great bunting.  Individual creatures would also be cute Christmas ornaments, or fill them with a little catnip to make fun cat toys (who said my geriatric cat can’t kill squirrels–or owls?!).

Complete the Woodland look with some of our other projects!: Mushroom rattles.  Owl cocoons. Owl blankets.


Woodland Creatures- Free pattern felt DIY animals including owl, fox, raccoon, hedgehog, deer, squirrel and more!