While I’m not usually one to be overly cutesy and covered in pink hearts come Valentine’s day, I am a sucker for fonts. An addict, really, so I couldn’t resist putting together some of the loveliest. Check out the mushiest free fonts available at dafont.com.  And go ahead, be cutesy, hearts and all!

Candy Hearts (DJ Candy Heart)

Pop the Bubbly (Cocktail Bubbly)

Forever & Always (fiolex girls)

Love Notes (Cookie Monster)

Romance (Words of Love)

Hugs & Kisses (Cookies)

True Love (Lover boy)

Date Night (Lovelica)

Webdings (Love Romance)

Adding fonts to applications on a Mac? After clicking the download button on dafont.com search for Font Book under Spotlight.  With “UserScreen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.24.04 PM” selected on the left hand side, select the “+” to add new fonts.  A window opens to allow you to select fonts to be imported.  These files are often zip files that you may need to unzip prior to opening in Font Book by double-clicking on the download.  Add the .ttf or .otf files to Font Book and they will be ready for use in your applications in the future.