There are two great perks of having friends with babies.  A) You get an adorable flower girl for your wedding and B) You have an excuse for making ridiculously adorable crafts for no real reason other than that they are ridiculously adorable.  Just ask Kelli, who hardly crocheted at all until she became a baby hat making machine (I’m talking Yoda, duckies, Abby Cadabby, among many, many others).

Sometimes we can make cute things that also serve a purpose, like this hooded animal towel, which I DIY hooded animal towel 2014-08-10 18.40.34originally found on Crazy Little Things.  She has patterns and tutorials for so many towels, the hardest part will be choosing which one to make! I’ve made a few of these in the past for some baby friends, including cats, bunnies, and dragons, and I never decide what I’m making until I get to the store and get inspired by towel colors and sale prices.  With my best friend expecting her second daughter, she specifically requested another hooded towel. So off to Target I went, buying one bath towel and one hand towel for about $7.  Yes, I could have bought more expensive towels, but these are fast drying and cheap enough that you don’t feel bad cutting them up (and it’s a gift so they can’t complain).  Plus, at these prices, why not make two?!

Other than towels, you’ll need some scrap fabric, which depends on which animal you’re making, and optionally, fusible interfacing.  For the bear, I followed the pattern provided, using scrap black and white for the eyes and nose, as well as left over towel from another project for the ears (save those towel scraps too!).  You’ll start by cutting the hand towel in half.  One half will be the hood itself, the other half will be used for making features, in this case, a snout and ears.  Cut all your pieces out, and put a simple pleat in the the bath towel. You’re ready to sew!DIY hooded towel animal; cut out all the pieces

Sewing all the pieces together takes a bit more time, particularly stitching the eye applique.  Don’t worry about it being perfect, I find it best to leave obvious imperfections so everyone knows it is a homemade gift…

DIY hooded animal towel

Ears will be the trickiest part for any animal you choose.  Because they need to stick out, you need to cut slits into face side of the hood, and put your ears into them, and sew everything up.  The good news is, this gets easier. My fourth set of ears are a lot cleaner than my first set on ears on my first towel.  But as I said, a bit of imperfections only prove it’s homemade.  Once ears are in place, you’ll sew up the back of the hood and sew it onto the bath towel.  And there you have an adorable hooded towel in a few short hours.  All that’s left is to find an adorable little model to show it off (And to clean up all the shedding of the cut towels, that stuff gets everywhere!).

DIY hooded animal towel